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Have You Looked at Your Trees Lately?

Keep your trees strong and healthy this rainy season with the help of stanage tree service

Know When to Call a Tree Service

Most people don’t usually pay much attention to the trees on their property. You may take a look at them when there’s a hurricane coming. That’s when you might notice that the Live Oak is a little too close to the house or that creaky old Cedar has some heavy branches leaning over the power lines. Then a home or business owner starts wondering how to find the best tree removal company. But you could save yourself a lot of worry and expense by looking at your tree situation before hurricane season.

Save a Tree or Remove a Tree?

When you have a fallen tree or a dead tree, or some big branches are down in your yard, you need to take care of that right away. Business or residential, we provide emergency tree service you can call anytime. Stanage tree removal will cut it all up and take it all away. Some tree removal companies will take down the tree then refer you to another company to deal with the stump. We have our own stump grinders. A complete tree removal means just that; trunk, branches, stump, and roots, all gone. We leave no mess behind so that your yard will look neat and clean. Our trained professionals use fast and efficient Vermeer equipment, the best in the business.

Sometimes, of course, you have to cut down a tree for safety or construction reasons. Or it may be obvious to you that the tree is just about dead, and you’ve got to deal with it. But we get a lot of customers who call us because they are not sure if they should cut a tree down. You may like having the tree there for shade or just because it looks nice. We find that most people like having trees around – as we do. At Stanage Tree Service Inc., a Certified Arborist oversees every job, so you can count on getting the best advice for your situation. If your tree can and should be saved, we will save it.

Tree Assessment

The first thing a tree care professional has to do is make an assessment. The Stanage Tree Service Team is specially trained and certified to give you a thorough, professional evaluation of the best way to keep your trees healthy. Our experienced ISA Certified Arborists provide a full range of tree care services to keep your trees healthy. We offer expert tree trimming, including crown reduction, pruning, and thinning. We know how to keep your trees safe from disease and insects, so have trees that are not only healthy but thriving and attractive.

There may be healthy-looking trees that are not desirable. Some non-native trees are invasive. They do not belong in Florida. Their aggressive growth competes with trees that are natural to the habitat. You can see if any of your trees are an invasive species by checking the University of Florida/IFAS/Center for Aquatic & Invasive Plants Assessment Page. Or our team can identify these for you.

Our goal is to give you professional, affordable, and efficient service. For commercial or residential tree service in Lake County, use our convenient contact form or call (352) 636-3527. Our service areas include; Leesburg, Lady Lake, Fruitland Park, The Villages, Wildwood, and Oxford, Florida. If you need help right away, use our Emergency Contact Form.

“Call the Stanage Tree Service professionals at 352-636-3527 today.Our service areas include; Leesburg, Lady Lake, Fruitland Park, The Villages, Wildwood, and Oxford, Florida. For Emergency service use our Emergency Contact Form.