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When to Hire a Tree Service

Arborist, Alonzo, is properly trained to care for your trees

A Tree Service can Prevent Expensive Problems

Trees are a wonderful addition to any yard, and they can provide shade and beauty for years, but they are living things that need care and attention. The best tree services have certified arborists who can provide the regular inspection and maintenance that most people just don’t have the time or expertise to handle themselves. Ideally, you would have a tree service company come around once or twice a year to make sure all the roots, trunks, and branches are healthy and safe. Property owners who hire tree experts for routine maintenance can save themselves a lot of worries – and money – by preventing problem situations from developing.

For example, if you have large, mature trees close to your house, you can have them inspected before hurricane season. It certainly gives you some peace of mind to know that the giant old Oak near the garage has been properly trimmed and thinned and therefore isn’t likely to smash into your roof when the next hurricane hits. Of course, most folks don’t really think about the trees on their property until they hear a big storm is coming. Then the thought of a powerful wind gust knocking that ancient Magnolia through the bedroom ceiling gets you to wondering about insurance deductibles.

Emergency Tree Services for When Disaster Strikes

And when big trees do topple like that, people wind up calling an Emergency Tree Service. It really does take trained and experienced professionals to safely remove a tree that has fallen into your house or on your car. Knowing how to do it just right helps prevent even more damage. Workers have to be mindful of structural damage, power lines, and plumbing and electrical concerns. A full-service tree company removes all the tree logs and branches, cleans up the debris, and grinds the stump if necessary. And a professional tree removal expert is familiar with all kinds of storm damage and works well with insurance companies.

You don’t always have to remove a damaged tree, and it’s certainly worth the effort to try and save it. If the tree has at least half of its branches and looks healthy, it may fully recover from any damage. You cannot save a tree if the trunk is split or if the top has been heavily damaged. A qualified arborist can quickly assess the situation and advise you on the best options.

Experienced, Certified Tree Experts are the Best Bet

The ISA Certified Arborists at Stanage Tree Service provide full-service tree care to keep your trees safe and healthy, and we are experts at tree removal when needed. We do a thorough inspection, provide an assessment, and present you with the best options.

“Call the Stanage Tree Service professionals at 352-636-3527 today.Our service areas include; Leesburg, Lady Lake, Fruitland Park, The Villages, Wildwood, and Oxford, Florida. For Emergency service use our Emergency Contact Form.